We choose to introduce the hosting city of Thessaloniki by its brand phrase: “many stories, one heart”

A compact human-scale city, influenced in its 3000 year of history by its focal point in the region and its waterfront location, is a vibrant city of multicultural identity both in the past (Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman) and the present, a youthful destination due to its academic community as an educational hub, and a unique city break often preferred for its food and entertainment culture, being ranked by National Geographic Travel in the top 10 Nightlife Cities.

To discover ECHA 2024's host city, here is some information! the MAPS available)


Airport transportation
Welcome to Thessaloniki!

Bus service runs every 30 minutes and the journey to the city center takes about 40 – 50 minutes.

Non-stop service to and from the city centre:

  • Bus Route No. X1 “KTEL – Airport ”
  • Bus Route No. N1 “KTEL – Airport ” (Night Service)

Public transport tickets can be purchased:

Tickets can be purchased by vending machines on board the service. On-board vending machines accept exact change only. For more information, please click here.

Taxi companies operate 24-hour call centers, ready to receive your order or make an advance booking for you. Most taxis currently use satellite navigator systems that facilitate a fast and easy transfer to any destination in the city.


Public Transportation
The conference area is easy to reach by public transportation. Buses run frequently throughout the day. Check the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization website ( for more information.



Transportation to and from the Airport is possible through Taxis. Approximate price is 25 Euros and the duration of the trip is 15 minutes.

 Transportation to and from the City Center is possible through:

  •  Public Transport 
    • Bus Route No.58 "Venizelou-Panorama-Chortiatis", Stop "Anatolia"
  •  Taxi Services
    • Price Ranges from 12-15 Euros     


    Transportation to and from the Airport is possible through:

  • Taxis
    • Approximate price is 18-25 Euros and the duration of the trip is 20 minutes.
  • Public Transport
    • Bus Route No. X1 “KTEL – Airport", Stop "25is Martiou"

  Transportation to and from the City Center is possible through

  • Public Transport
    • Bus Route No. X1 “KTEL – Airport", Stop "25is Martiou"
    • Bus Route No. 03K "A.S. IKEA- N.S. Stathmos", Stop "25is Martiou"
  • Taxi Services
    • Approximate price is 5 Euros and the duration of the trip is 5-10 minutes



Bike Rental
You can discover Thessaloniki from another perspective and navigate through the city and its most important sightseeing by bike, always being cautious of the cars drivers around you! Thessaloniki offers a bicycle network of approximately 12 km, mainly in the seafront. There are numerous bike rentals in Thessaloniki, a Google search will help you locate them. One of the is BikeIT rental shop at 2 Leof. Meg. Alexandrou where you can find bikes for adults or for groups, from 10:00am to 22:00pm.

For more information visit the website:


For anyone requiring parking next to the conference venues, EARLI delegates can use the parking space next to the Tower Building, accessed from the 3rd Septemvriou str. Please contact the Welcome Desk for more information.


Post Office
The central post office is located at Vasileos Irakleiou 38, Thessaloniki, 54624. The working hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30-14:45.